Saturday, November 7, 2009

Orthotopic heart transplantation (HTx) at NTUH - Taiwan

Orthotopic heart transplantation hasn’t ever performed in Vietnam at the present but in the future (maybe the next year) it will be deployed and developed because this is an advanced treatment method for heart failure patients with the end stage and HTx’s potentiality is very good in Vietnam. In the future, knowledge about HTx that I have achieved in here, it is a steady base for participating to deploy HTx of my hospital.
Steps of orthotopic heart transplantation (HTx) as follow: (Have exact co-operation between heart transplantation team and team take donor)
- Supine, ETGA, midline sternotomy
- Cannulation via AsAo, SVC and IVC
- On CPB, cooling to 300C
- Remove heart of recipient and prepare heart of donor
- Orthotopic heart transplantation: to perform left atrium anastomosis  pulmonary artery anastomosis  aorta Cardioplegia  right atrium anastomosis
- Re-warm, de-air, wean off CPB
- Remove canuls
- Haemostasis
- Set drains
- Close wound in layers

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